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We listen, plan and help deliver your engaging content, that your audiences will enjoy and remember. 


Planning is crucial for the successful execution of any project.  We understand the importance of communication.  We add value through clear messaging and bringing your ideas to life through sound, live stream, video, digital production, online, Hybrid or Virtual events.

Live streaming is todays way to stay connected with your virtual audience or event.


We provide well-structured and organised  guidance and training for presenters, guest speakers and MCs to enable a confident delivery.

“Duane's extensive knowledge, networks, and experience are valuable assets to any organisation they work with. In addition, they form the passion and family culture with the organisations, their performers, and contractors, which is a unique point of difference and still manage to get the job done. I am looking forward to working with Oyster Creative in the near future and highly recommend this organisation to bring your vision to life." 


                               - Jep Savali,  Founder, Manatua 

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